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Fire Service Articles and Stories


1898 Story from the Dallas Daily Times Herald about a fire fighter's death. (Sent to us by Bob McGorkic.)

"Kids Behaving Badly" by Nick Brunacini -A funny and informative article about what motivates us. (Reprinted with permission.)

http://www.fdvideos.com To see firefighting videos, we recommend this site.

"Dress Blues" - Article about choosing uniforms for fire departments. Published in Fire Chief Magazine in 2005. Note: This is a link to the magazine's, online, archives.

"The Brussels Sprout Incident" - Humorous Story about a medical call. Originally published in In The Line of Duty.

"Was it a Cow Or a Meteorite?" - Article about the Chicago and Peshtigo Fires of 1871. Originally printed in Meteorite Magazine and later excerpted in Firehouse Magazine.

"Lightheaded"- Humorous story originally printed in In The Line of Duty.

"Historic Loss of Life: The Winecoff Hotel Fire" - America's greatest loss of life in a hotel fire. Dec. 2009. From FireRescue Magazine

"Delta Flight 191" - Personal account of response to airplane crash at DFW airport in 1985.
Published in various newspapers. Capt. Calfee has appeared on television several times to talk about this incident.

"Helping Hands" Using non-verbal communication on the emergency scene. Published in Fire Rescue Magazine in January, 2007.

"Leadership Do's and Don'ts" An article on Leadership in the April 2008 issue of Fire Engineering Magazine.



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